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When philosophy and action proceed hand-in-hand, something extraordinary happens:  a guiding principle is formed.  For Chef/Owner Mark Elliott, that principle is to serve the best and freshest locally produced agrarian products to his guests.  It is a principle that was formed in Mark’s childhood, and as a young apprentice chef in Southeastern England.  Mark would further develop a deep connection to the green grocer, the baker, the fishmonger, the butcher, the cheesemaker.  Daily sourcing for the kitchen’s provisions was a way of life.  Chef Elliott has forged relationships with regional farmers to obtain their produce, livestock and artisan products, when they are at the peak of freshness.  Today, Chef Elliott continues to serve guests cuisine created from the freshest ingredients that the area’s farmers have to offer.  It is a principle we live—with every plate we serve.

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From the left: Director Elise Zwatteri, Chef/Owner Mark Elliott, Chef Betsy Simon.

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